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TEAM Tourism Training

TEAM Tourism Training is part of TEAM Tourism Consulting, an international consultancy that specialises in strategic and operational planning in all aspects of destination management and marketing with a strong online focus.

We transfer our knowledge to staff at all levels in Destination Management Organisations, and in businesses large and small. Our team of experienced trainers design and run training courses and stand-alone seminars. We provide formal training and informal on-the-job coaching, we promote new thinking via workshops, and help staff find or build ongoing support networks.

Here are some of our more popular courses:

Other topics include:

  • e-Commerce for DMOs - understanding SME requirements, deciding the DMO role, promoting sales
  • e-Commerce for small businesses - online sales made easy, and the essentials for a slick shopping basket
  • Performance measurement - real-time monitoring and evaluation at management and operational levels.

Our Courses in More Detail

Most topics can be treated either as a half-day introduction; a full day with practical exercises; or two or more days with detailed project work.

The e-Business Toolkit workshop. Photo © iStockphoto.comThe e-Business Toolkit

This module will create an awareness of the changing media landscape characterised by, for example, the fragmentation of media channels, the emergence of Social Media and User-Generated Content, as well as the possibilities created by partnerships and how they can revolutionise the process of content creation and distribution. New trends, tools and values in e-marketing are also covered.

Successful Websites, Quality Criteria and Critical Success Factors

Delegates will gain an understanding of quality criteria and critical success factors for effective websites and learn how to create and share 'killer content'. The course will provide guidance on evaluating websites, including how real-time reporting of website activity can be used to determine how a site is performing against objectives and the range of methodologies that are available for usability testing.

Writing for the Web

In this intensive and practical half-day workshop, delegates will learn the principles of writing targeted content for the web and also gain an understanding of the ergonomics of how people scan web content. The content prepared in this workshop can be used in the Search Engine Marketing couse.

Search Engine Marketing

This course is divided into two halves... the morning will cover how to make a site's design and content as naturally visible to search engines as possible i.e. search engine optimisation. The afternoon will focus on planning and managing the buying of search results using Google Adwords, and how the Google Analytics site reporting tool can be used to manage such campaigns.

Customer Relationship Management

This course looks at how CRM is the essential ingredient of all forms of online communication. It highlights ways of getting a first response from web visitors, techniques for personalising relationships, tailoring the information that is 'pushed' to contacts, and integrating online activities with other forms of communication.

Social Media Marketing. Photo © iStockphoto.comSocial Media Marketing

Typical Web 2.0 trends and tools such as Social Media Networks, tagging, RSS, and User-Generated Content will be discussed in this full day course. Topics covered include how best to participate in social media networks such as Facebook and Linkedin, how other destinations, hoteliers and business owners use these tools, and how to deal with ratings and reviews in, for example, TripAdvisor.

Newsletters: The Do's and Don'ts of e-Mail Marketing

This day is divided into two halves... the morning session will introduce learners to the quality criteria and critical success factors. In the afternoon, delegates will learn to work with an e-mail marketing tool and design and write a concept newsletter for their own organisation.

Mobile Marketing and Visitor Services

A course for those with responsibility for marketing or visitor services channel strategy. Delegates will assess opportunities for information delivery, increased sales, and enhanced customer care through mobile aspects of social networking, mapping services, apps, messaging, and podcasts. Learning will cover essential techniques for the mobile environment in contrast to desk-based interactions.

The Dream Society and Other New Trends and Concepts in Marketing

This course will focus on communicating effectively by applying the latest trends and changes in the travel and tourism industry; changes in buying behaviour and motivation; and how to reach travellers through effective and targeted communication.

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The courses we've listed on this page are the ones we're most often asked to provide. We tailor our training to suit the attendees' skill levels and the topics they handle. We can also design and run courses and workshops to meet specific needs.

For instance, we could focus on developing a strategy for a particular campaign, demonstrate examples of best practice from other destinations around the world, or take your staff through practical hands-on exercises in how to use e-business tools effectively. Get in touch for more details.

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If you're interested in finding out more about our track record in helping destinations achieve great things, take a look at our Projects page.

We've also produced several textbooks for clients to support their work, including the European Travel Commission and the World Tourism Organization. Visit our Resources page for more details.

TEAM supplies guest speakers to many international and local conferences and seminars around the world. Please get in touch to enquire about our availability.