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19 September 2017

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Interest area: Tourism Strategy and Business Planning
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Newry, Mourne and Down District Council Facilitator Appointment for the Tourism Strategy to 2020  2015 continuing
Failte Ireland Preparation of Visitor Experience Development Plans: LOT 1– Connemara & The Burren and Cliffs of Moher  2016 continuing
Oldham Council Provision of Consultancy Services to Develop a Tourism Strategy  2016/2017
Failte Ireland Preparation of Visitor Experience Development Plan - Skellig Coast (part of the Ring of Kerry)  2016
Asociación de Turismo de Madrid Madrid Tourism Strategy  2015
Altay City Government via J&B Architects Altay Tourism Strategy  2015
VisitEngland Revising the Strategic Framework for Tourism in England  2014/2015
VisitEngland Branded DMOs project  2014/2015
Sultanate of Oman, Ministry of Tourism Strategy for Sustainable Development of Al Hoota Cave, Wilayat Al Hamra  2014/2015
National Forest Company (in partnership with AMION Consulting an Hotel Solutions) Destination Development & Management Plan  2014/2015
Emaar, The Economic City KAEC Tourism Strategy and Destination Development  2014/2015
Cherwell District Council North Oxfordshire Tourism Study  2014/2015
Southern Queensland Country Tourism (in partnership EC3) Southern Queensland Country Destination Tourism Plan  2014
Monmouthshire County Council Abergavenny Food: business plan development  2014
Monmouthshire County Council Proposal for the Abergavenny Town Visitor Experience and Distinctiveness Study  2014
Kent County Council Enhancing the Visitor Product and Increasing Income Generation at Eight Country Parks in Kent  2014
City of Hamilton (in partnership with Tourism Planning Group Inc. and Brain Trust Marketing & Communications) Development of a Tourism Strategy for the City of Hamilton  2014
Chaguaramas Development Authority (Trinidad and Tobago) in partnership with CH2M Chaguaramas Planning Framework  2014
Marketing Manchester Greater Manchester Tourism Strategy - support to internal team  2013/2014
Ballina Shire Council (New South Wales, Australia) Ballina Shire Destination Management Plan Support  2013/2014
Argyll & Bute Council Rothesay Pavilion Audience Development, Market Research & Business Planning  2013/2014
PATA Beijing International Tourism Marketing Strategy  2013
Northumberland County Council Made in Northumberland Hub Business Case Development  2013
Northern Ireland Tourist Board Destination and experience development planning framework  2013
Nordland Fylkeskommune/Baltic Bird Project (in partnership with Northpoint Aviation Services) Tourism Destination Development Guidelines  2013
Destination Staffordshire Visitor Information Strategy  2013
Ballina and Byron Districts of New South Wales Visitor Economy Product Audit  2013
Edinburgh Tourism Action Group Tourism Technology Edinburgh: Review and Update, 2012.  2012/2013
Adur District Council & Worthing Borough Council A Tourism Vision and Action Plan  2012/2013
Wrexham County Borough Council Development of a Destination Management Plan for Wrexham  2012
visitwestlothian (VWL) Facilitating the Development of a Long Term Tourism Strategy for West Lothian  2012
Southern Downs Regional Council Southern Downs Tourism Strategy and Local Destination Action Plans  2012
Enterprise Estonia (in partnership with BDA Consulting) Destination Management Training Programme  2012
Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA) Tourism Strategy for Thompson Okanagan region  2011/2012
Northern Ireland Tourist Board (NITB) NITB E-Business Futures - Web platform advice & support  2009/2012
Monmouthshire County Council Monmouthshire Destination Development Plan  Download PDF for Monmouthshire Destination Development Plan 2011/2012
Kudaka – Regional Development Agency for North East Anatolia (in partnership with Technopolis Turkey) Regional Tourism Strategy for North East Anatolia  2011/2012
Edinburgh Tourism Action Group Tourism Strategy and Action Plan for Edinburgh to 2020  2011/2012
Staffordshire Moorland District Council Staffordshire Moorlands Tourism Study  2010/2011
Edinburgh Tourism Action Group Optimising the use of technology for tourism in Edinburgh  2010/2011
Capital Region Tourism Destination Development  2010/2011
Athens Tourism and Economic Development Co. Strategy and operations consultancy support for Athens Convention Bureau  2010
Visit London and the London Development Agency London and Medical Tourism  2009/2010
Via Paul Hogarth Downpatrick Master Plan  2009/2010
Saudi Commission for Tourism Antiquities Development Plan and Proposal for Al Qunfudah Northern  2009/2010
One NorthEast North East Visitor Economy Strategy Preparation Final Phase  2009/2010
Northern Ireland Tourist Board Visitor Information Strategy  2009/2010
Dept of Social Development, Carrickfergus Borough, Carrickfergus Development Corporation (in partnership with The Paul Hogarth Company) Carrickfergus Regeneration Masterplan  2009/2010
Cape Town Tourism Strategic and Operational Planning Support for Cape Town Tourism(including the preparation of a Marketing Strategy)  2008/2010
Visit England England Tourism Strategy and Action Plan  2009
Northern Ireland Tourist Board Strategy workshop facilitation  2009
Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities Yanbu Al Medina A Munawarah Province - Yanbu Northern Coastal Front Tourism Development Plan Project  2008/2009
Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities Tourist Sites Development Study in Al-Lith Governorate - Makkah Al-Mukaramah Province  2008/2009
St Helens Borough Council St. Helens Tourism Development Review & Visitor Economy Strategy  2008
London Development Agency North London Visitor Economy Development Plan  2008
Institute for Tourism, Zagreb, Croatia E-Marketing Strategy for the Kvarner County Tourism Office  2008
World Tourism Organization Practical Guide to Destination Management  Download PDF for Practical Guide to Destination  Management 2007/2008
Sultanate of Oman, Ministry of Tourism Tourism Marketing Strategy and Tourism Master Strategy Plan  2007/2008
Council of the Borough of Bournemouth Development of a strategic framework for Poole and Bournemouth Destination Management Partnership   2007
World Tourism Organization Brief for the preparation of a Destination Management Plan for Lalibela in Northern Ethiopia  2007
UK Department for International Development Strategic and Organisational Review of the Montserrat Tourist Board  2007
Tourism Western Australia Western Australia e-commerce solution and business plan  2007
The North West Natural Economy Team (NWDA/Natural England) Natural Tourism in North West England  Download PDF for Natural Tourism in North West England 2007
Somerset Tourism Partnership Somerset DMO Business Plan  2007
Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities Assessment and prioritization for the planning of additional tourism destinations for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  2007
London Development Agency Cultural Olympiad Tourism Potential  2007
London Development Agency Consultation for sub-regional development plans  2007
Devon County Council Discover Devon Holiday Line - Evaluation and future options appraisal  2007
Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities Strategy and Action Plan for the Development of The ‘MICE’ Market in Saudi Arabia  2006/2007
Northwest Development Agency and the BREW Partners Sustainable Tourism It's Good for Business - A framework for the North West  2006
North West Development Agency North West Sustainable Tourism Project  Download PDF for North West Sustainable Tourism Project 2006
North West Development Agency Review of Regional Tourism Strategy  2006
London Development Agency Review of Sub-regional tourism programmes  2006
London Development Agency Visitor information strategy – input  2006
Castle Morpeth BC Castles, Wood and Waters – Assessment of Morpeth as a visitor destination  2006
Peak District & Derbyshire DMP Leisure Tourism Marketing Plan and Business Plan for the DMP   Download PDF for Leisure Tourism Marketing Plan and Business Plan for the DMP 2005/2006
North Yorkshire County Council and Partners Planning and Implementation of New Tourism Structures  Download PDF for Planning and Implementation of New Tourism Structures 2005/2006
North West Development Agency North West Business Tourism Strategy  2005/2006
Lancashire and Blackpool Tourist Board Lancashire & Blackpool Visitor Economy Strategy  2005/2006
VisitScotland Information and sales strategy research – competitor benchmarking, and technology & channels of distribution   Download PDF for Information and sales strategy research – competitor benchmarking, and technology & channels of distribution  2005
East Midlands Tourism DMP Visitor Services Action Plan – summary, board presentation & proposals  Download PDF for DMP Visitor Services Action Plan – summary, board presentation & proposals 2005
Derbyshire Chamber of Commerce Peak District and Derbyshire Visitor Services Action Plan   Download PDF for Peak District and Derbyshire Visitor Services Action Plan 2005
Blackpool Borough Council Blackpool Tourism Strategy (with L&R Consulting)   Download PDF for Blackpool Tourism Strategy (with L&R Consulting) 2004/2005
VisitBritain Support for preparation of a Customer Contact Services Strategy  2004
VisitBritain Support for preparation of a Business Plan for a European portal.   2004
Southwark Borough Council Strategy  2004
Shropshire County Council Tourist Information Strategy & Action Plan   2004
Plymouth City Council Tourism strategy and structure review   2004
ONE NorthEast Destination Management in North East of England – Planning and implementation of new tourism structures   2004
North West Development Agency Guidelines and template for the Destination Management Plans to be prepared by the new DMOs   2004
Cheshire and Warrington Tourism Partnership Planning for Sub-Regional Tourism Support Structure and Services   2003/2004
Yorkshire Forward/Yorkshire TB Visitor Information Provision Strategy and Action Plan   2003
South West Tourism Preparatory work for Ten Year Plan, including Policy Review Papers  2003
Shrewsbury and Atcham Borough Council Tourism Strategy  2003
Marketing Birmingham Tourism Strategy  2003
Bath & NE Somerset Council Business Plan 2003-5 for new tourism organisation  2003
The Mersey Partnership Tourism Strategy and Sector Development Plan  2002/2003
South Staffs (with L&R Consulting) Tourism Strategy - Visitor Information Provision and Destination Management Systems   2002/2003
City of Cape Town Council Visitor Services Strategy  2002/2003
South Warwickshire Tourism Call centre planning and implementation  2002
Marketing Birmingham Tourism Policy Study  2002
Coventry & Warwickshire Promotions Sub-regional Tourism Strategy and Local Action Plan  2002
Bath & NE Somerset Tourism Forum Tourism Strategy for the City of Bath and its sub-region  2001
Dumfries & Galloway Tourist Board Tourism Strategy and Foot and Mouth Recovery Plan  2000/2001
England's Regional Tourist Boards Strategy for Visitor Services  2000
South Warwickshire Tourism Tourism strategy and corporate business planning  1999
Scarborough Borough Council Conference Market Development Plan  1999
The Mersey Partnership Tourism Business Plan  1998
Merseyside TEC Merseyside Tourism Business Development Scheme - Strategy and Guidelines  1998
Archangel Regional Government Tourism Strategy/Cultural tourism seminar   1998
Yaroslavl Regional Government, Russia Tourism strategy / Cultural tourism seminar   1997
The Mersey Partnership Tourism Strategy  1997