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team - The Consultancy for Tourism Dstinations
19 September 2017

Our Charter

TEAM Tourism Consulting has built a network of highly experienced consultants, most of whom have worked as practitioners in the field of tourism destination management and marketing. Thus TEAM combines leading edge thinking with practical and workable solutions.

Our ethos is that:

  • We bring global best practice to destinations worldwide
  • We seek long-term business relationships with our clients
  • We focus on intellectual rigour
  • We search for stimulating, innovative and practical solutions
  • We strive for excellence
  • We deliver the best possible value for money

As a virtual organisation our environmental impact is low, and we are committed to reducing this further wherever possible. Our passion is to see best practice shared effectively across the industry, and for destinations, large and small, to adopt simple, workable solutions, to the ultimate benefit of stakeholders, visitors and host communities.

For More Information...

If you'd like to talk through any aspects of TEAM's work, then please get in touch.