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Dr Sheree-Ann Adams

Dr Sheree-Ann AdamsSheree-Ann has been actively involved in Grenadaís tourism development over the past twenty years. Since 1997 her primary focus has been on the successful positioning of destination Grenada in the soft adventure product niche for both the cruise ship passengers and stay-over visitors to the island.

She is an experienced hands-on Adventure and Eco-tours skills trainer who works very closely with her fellow Grenadian and Caribbean nationals particularly within the islandsí rural communities, the National Tourism Organisations and other Non-Governmental Tourism Organisations to supply tourism activity products of recognised international standards for cruise ship companies and international tour operators. She also brings valuable in-sight from the perspective of a private sector Caribbean tourism stakeholder and a responsible /sustainable tourism professional.

Over the course of her career, Sheree-Ann has worked in multiple tourism disciplines including Marketing and Research at the Grenada Board of Tourism; Guest Services with the Rex Resorts Hotel Brand; Front Office Operation / Guest Services and Shore Excursions with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines; Destination Management and Tours Operations in St. Lucia with St.Lucia Representation Company and Sunlink Tours before returning to Grenada.

She has actively served as a Board Director with the Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association; The Grenada Board of Tourism and The T.A. Marryshow Community College. She has chaired the Grenada Board of Tourismís Product Development Committee and following the devastating Hurricanes Ivan and Emily in 2004, served on the Cruise Tourism Mobilisation and National Disaster Management committees to reinstate Cruise Tourism to the island within eight weeks post disaster.

Sheree-Ann is formally trained in several aspects of Tourism, including Hotel Management at Barbados Community College; Tourism Management at the University of the West Indies; Environmental Management for Conservation and Recreation at Sheffield Hallam University in England and a Masterís degree in Tourism Management from Bournemouth University in England. She has a Doctorate in Responsible Tourism Management from ICRETH Leeds Metropolitan University, England.

Her specialist research areas are in Sustainable Development and Management as it relates to various stakeholder groups notably SMEs and Cruise Consumers; the application of sustainability strategies such as Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility and issues such as Climate Change. She also specialises in the use of Choice Based Conjoint Analysis and Hierarchical Bayes Analysis (CBC/HB) research methodology. She is a fellow of the Cruise Research Society and a member of the International Center for Responsible Tourism.

Key areas of expertise

Sustainable Development and Management; Application of sustainability strategies such as Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility and issues such as Climate Change.

Dr Sheree-Ann Adams