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Dr Roger Carter MBE, BSc, PhD, FTS, MTMI

Dr Roger Carter MBE, BSc, PhD, FTS, MTMIDr Roger Carter is an experienced strategist, manager, marketer, planner and entrepreneur who has played a leadership role in the successful development of the tourism industry within the UK and internationally. He established TEAM Tourism Consulting in 1997, since when the company has provided consultancy services in all continents of the world.

Roger has himself directed or overseen approximately 240 projects in more than 30 countries, including China, Australia, Canada, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Ethiopia, South Africa, Namibia, Seychelles, Montserrat (Caribbean), Ireland, Portugal, Belgium, Estonia, Romania, including strategic planning and strategy development, marketing strategy and operations, visitor information strategy and operations, e-business strategy and development feasibility studies. He has worked on the majority of the projects noted in the TEAM overview above.

Roger has worked extensively with the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), co-authoring many publications and speaking regularly at conferences and seminars organized by UNWTO and other organizations – in Asia, Australia, South America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East on all aspects of destination management and marketing and on the use of e-business by tourism destinations. In particular, he has worked with the UNWTO in planning and delivering a series of five annual conferences on destination planning, management and marketing.

In addition, he:

  • Has worked regularly for the European Travel Commission
  • Was Managing Editor of ‘Destination World’, an e-newsletter for destination professionals worldwide for five years.

Before establishing TEAM in 1997, he had 25 years senior destination management experience, including 15 years at CEO level, working for tourism boards at national, regional and city level, with direct involvement in every aspect of tourist board operations.

Roger has a BSc in Geography from the University of Birmingham and a PhD from the University of Strathclyde. He is a Fellow of the Tourism Society and a Member of the Tourism Management Institute; and formerly was Vice President of the International Federation for Information Technology and Travel & Tourism, Expert Adviser for a Tourism Inquiry to the Scottish Parliament and a member of the advisory panel for the British Tourism Framework Review.

Key areas of expertise

Tourism strategy and destination development, management and marketing; Restructuring and Re-engineering of Tourism Organisations; e-Business, including e-marketing; Business planning, including marketing planning; Conference marketing and development; Visitor services re-engineering/ commercialisation; Research design + research management and delivery.

Dr Roger Carter